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  1. Mounting DX lenses on FX bodies has always been possible, with the FX DSLR automatically cropping the image frame to only output the area covered by the DX sensor. Additionally, you can set the camera to output the full FX frame regardless of the mounted lens, by accessing Shooting Menu -> Image Area -> Auto DX crop -> OFF
  2. On a full frame FX-format camera with a DX lens mounted, the camera will automatically engage its built-in DX crop mode, thus recording an image only from the center section of the sensor. Is FX full frame? Yes, FX camera bodies and lenses are full frame
  3. Als je overweegt een upgrade van een DX-camera naar de grotere full-frame FX-camera uit te voeren, kun je je bestaande DX NIKKOR-objectieven blijven gebruiken en corrigeert de FX-camera automatisch de kleinere beeldcirkel met Automatische DX-uitsnede. Als je vervolgens een full-frame NIKKOR-objectief voor de FX-camera aanschaft, kan het objectief nog steeds op je DX-camera worden bevestigd en verschijnt het beeld 1,5x uitvergroot

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  1. Will FX Lenses Work on DX Cameras? The short answer is: yes. Using an FX lens on a DX body is a great way to improve the quality of your photos and even save some money in the long term. Why using an FX lens on a DX camera works. If the lens is for the same brand, let's say, Nikon, their lenses are interchangeable
  2. For one example, the Nikkor 10-24 DX zoom covers the full frame from about 15mm to 24mm, so the wide end is close to the same reproduction as when it's used on your D300, but the long end is 1.5x tighter on the DX body. Another example, the 18-70mm DX is almost unusable on the full frame
  3. Een full frame camera zorgt ervoor dat je het gehele beeld op de foto krijgt. De beeldhoek waarin je fotografeert is dus groter met een full frame camera. Als je bijvoorbeeld de volledige beeldhoek van je groothoeklens wilt benutten, kies je voor een full frame camera. Daarnaast is een full frame camera lichtgevoeliger
  4. Nee, je kunt niet iedere lens op een fullframe camera gebruiken. Een objectief dat speciaal voor een crop-camera is gemaakt, dekt niet de volledige beeldsensor van een fullframe camera. Hierdoor kun je geen gebruik maken van alle beeldpixels van de sensor
  5. Using DX lenses on the Nikon full-frame Z series cameras would be a total waste of time. The smaller image circle would effectively give you no better resolution than a 24 megapixel DX camera, and that's with the Z7. The Z6 cuts that resolution in half again

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Using a 20mm lens on a full frame camera will actually produce a much wider image (by a factor of 1.5), so instead I should look at a lens with 30mm instead to get the same exact result in the frame. (Or in reverse, if a lens review shows a picture from a full frame body at 30 mm, and I wanted to recreate it at the exact same spot with my crop sensor, I'd shoot at 20mm) Question about recording with a crop lens on a full frame body. Questions. If I were to record 1080p on a d750. But use a crop lens such as a 50mm 1,8 dx. And I shot it in DX mode so I don't get the vignette, would I lose pixels or would I just receive a 1,5x crop factor Full-frame DSLR will consequently address the smaller picture circle utilizing DX auto-crop. If you buy a full-frame lens for an FX camera, the focal point can, in any case, be connected to a DX camera and the picture will be amplified 1.5 times. FX vs DX DSLR permits you to choose distinctive picture areas in a Shooting menu

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Nikon full frame cameras include the D4S, Df, the D800 line and the D600 line. FX vs. DX Lenses Unlike the Canon system Nikon FX and DX lenses can be used interchangeably on either FX or DX cameras. However, the general rule is that DX lenses are design for use with Nikon DX format cameras like the D7100 Nikon labels its full-frame cameras as FX cameras. This is in comparison to the company's smaller, 1.5× crop-sensor DX cameras, and extremely small 2.7× crop-sensor CX cameras. Currently, FX cameras have the largest sensors of any Nikon camera All full-frame lenses (lenses from FX cameras) can be used on DX cameras without any problems, and you only need to consider the visual effect of crop factor. As an example, a full-frame shot Nikon D700 FX (Full frame) and cropped lens N ikon DX AF-S Nikkor 35mm 1: 1.8G SWM Aspherical Designed for full frame Nikon cameras, this macro lens will also work with DX (cropped sensor) cameras producing an effective 150mm focal length. A minimum focus distance of 12.3 inches and maximum aperture of f/2.8 make this one of the best macro lenses for Nikon photographers. Sigma 258306 105mm F2.8 EX DG OS HSM Macro Lens for Nikon DSLR Camera

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Sony Wide-Angle Lenses. Sony E-mount Fast prime lenses for full-frame Sony E-mount cameras include the Sony FE 28mm f/2 lens with weather sealing, a linear actuator AF system, and optional converters, and the Distagon T* FE 35mm f/1.4 ZA with the fast aperture, Direct Drive Super Sonic Wave AF System, and the de-clickable aperture ring. The widest of the bunch is Sony's 16mm f/2.8 Fisheye. Full-frame digital cameras use a sensor that's equivalent in size to 35mm film (36 x 24mm), and is the largest consumer format you can buy without moving up into the specialized realm of. Full frame camera kopen. Een Fullframe camera is een camera met een grote sensor. Een full-frame camera heeft een sensor die precies even groot is als een ouderwets negatief. Dit is 36 x 24 millimeter, ook wel kleinbeeld of 35 mm genoemd. Wat is een fullframe camera? Een fullframe camera wordt zo genoemd vanwege de sensor die in de camera zit Canon heeft EF-S lenzen die enkel geschikt zijn voor APS-C-camera's. De EF-objectieven zijn geschikt voor zowel APS-C als full-frame. Bij Nikon wordt het verschil aangeduid met DX in de naam van het objectief. DX-objectieven zijn enkel geschikt voor APS-C-sensoren. Indien er geen DX-aanduiding in de objectiefnaam staat, kan je deze dus voor.

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Hier vind je het assortiment full frame camera's. De afmetingen van de full frame sensor zijn hetzelfde als die van een fotonegatief, namelijk 25 bij 36 mm. Met een camera met deze grote sensor maak je gedetailleerde foto's. Ook kun je met deze sensor, en de juiste lens, een kleine scherptediepte bereiken The Best Full-Frame Cameras for 2021. Modern full-frame digital cameras offer the best balance of image quality, autofocus performance, and burst speed—and they're more affordable than ever before In de camera wordt het beeld softwarematig gecropt (vergroot) naar 24 bij 36 mm. Je hebt dan eigenlijk een APS C camera met de afmetingen en het gewicht (en de prijs) van een full frame. Kortom: geen kwaliteitswinst met een D700 en 12-24 DX lens en ook niet met je andere DX objectieven! Arman While reviewing the Nikon D600 recently, I had so many different lenses and cameras on my hands that I decided to conduct a little side experiment. I wanted to prove whether or not a decent crop sensor ultra-wide lens could compete with an exotic full-frame sensor ultra-wide lens, when used for landscape photography and/or the pursuit of optimal sharpness and image quality.. A full-frame lens is roughly equivalent to a 35mm frame of film, while an APS-C sensor is a little bit smaller. When you mount a full-frame lens on a camera with an APS-C sensor you will get what is called a crop factor. This means your camera's APS-C-size sensor magnifies the scene to produce an image that will match the lens's full-frame.

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To save money and bulk, most DSLRs use a sensor smaller than a full frame, which Nikon calls DX. In a camera with a full-frame (aka FX) sensor, the lens projects the full width of what it captures. The cropped frame can zoom 1.5 times further, and when I was out shooting the fireworks at Bastille Day, the difference between a 200mm on a cropped frame camera and the same lens on a full frame. Sigma 50-150mm f/2.8 (original version, no longer made). The newer version with OS is just too big and heavy. The original is smaller and lighter and a very appropriate ~70-200mm equivalent for DX. A little bit weak at 150mm, but otherwise a fine lens if you can find one used. Tokina 11-16mm f/2.8 or 11-20mm f/2.8

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  1. Since full frame cameras have a crop factor of 1:1 (where many crop sensor cameras might be anywhere from 1.3x to 2x), they can capture more of the scene in the shot. For example, when shooting with a wide-angle lens like a 14mm, a full frame camera can capture the entire angle of view of that lens
  2. Because DX sensors are 1.5x smaller than film, they show an area equivalent to the area shown by a lens 1.5x as long on 35mm film. A 100mm lens on one of these cameras shows the same area of view that a 150mm lens would show on a 35mm film or full-frame camera. Multiply a lens' focal length by 1.5 to get the focal length of a lens which, when.
  3. Benefits of using FX and DX formats Most NIKKOR lenses can be used on both DX and FX cameras. If you are considering upgrading from a DX camera to the larger full frame FX camera, then you can continue to use your existing DX NIKKOR lenses and the FX camera will automatically compensate for the smaller image circle using Auto DX crop. If you.
  4. TOKYO - Nikon Corporation (Nikon) is pleased to announce the release of the APS-C size (Nikon DX-format) Nikon Z fc mirrorless camera, as well as two lenses: a silver-color variation of the standard zoom NIKKOR Z DX 16-50mm f/3.5-6.3 VR lens, and the prime NIKKOR Z 28mm f/2.8 (SE) special edition lens for which a heritage design that matches the Z fc body has been adopted
  5. Canon EOS 7D Mark II Digital SLR Camera (Body Only) - $1699 USD (this one is pricey even though it's not full frame, but it's a great choice if you're doing sports or action shooting. Sony Alpha a6000 Interchangeable Lens Camera - Body only - $548 USD body only. This little camera is impressing a LOT of people - read a field study.
  6. d that you may make the switch to a camera with a larger FX sensor. Nikon calls lenses for full-frame cameras FX lenses

DX lenses are not fully compatible with FX bodies, but all FX lenses are compatible with DX bodies. You can find more on Nikon's lens abbreviations at the bottom of this post. You can also read more about cropped and full frame sensors in our Best Cameras for Landscape Photography guide. 5 best Nikon lense On a camera with a DX / APS-C sensor, the field of view of the Tokina 11-16mm is equivalent to that of an 18-26 mm zoom lens on a camera with a full frame sensor. You still have a real wide-angle zoom lens with that, despite the crop factor of the DX sensor. Coupled with the f/2.8 aperture of the Tokina 11-16 mm DX, this lens is unique and. Nikon D850 - The choice of full frame camera for many professional photographers. The cost of full frame camera, as is obvious by its various advantages, is usually much higher than the crop-frame sensor cameras. An entry-level full-frame DSLR is about 5-6 times costlier than an entry-level crop frame sensor camera Our new guide is split in two, so we'll kick off with the best optics for DX (APS-C) format DSLRs, then move onto lenses for FX (full-frame) cameras. That said, FX format lenses are sometimes.

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On the full frame cameras it's meant for, no issues at all. Focus and exposure modes work across the board of brands and models of full frame cameras. Relatively compact, it grows almost in length when zoomed to 400mm. Even so, it is still smaller than the first 400mm f/5.6 lens I ever bought. Maximum aperture is 4.5 at 80mm and 5.6 at 400mm DX lenses are made for crop sensor cameras. FX lenses are made for full frame SLR cameras. You can use a DX lens on a full frame Nikon camera. Only the central part of the sensor, the same size as a DX sensor, will be used. On film cameras with a DX lens fitted, a black circle will be visible around the edges of the frame. FX prime lenses can. Full frame sensors measure approximately 43.5mm diagonally. So a baseline lens for full frame sensors, one with as normal of view as possible (not overly wide, not overly telephoto) is about 45mm-50mm. But for the smaller crop frame sensors, the diagonal is only about 30.5mm. So a quick way to think about it is if you have a crop frame. Almost all modern FX-format lenses can be used on DX-format cameras like the D7200. If you already own FX lenses or plan to upgrade to a full-frame camera, FX lenses are on the table. There are, however, a couple of reasons not to choose FX lenses unless you meet the above criteria

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Best Telephoto Zoom Lenses for Nikon D5, D4S, D850, D810, D750, D610 Full Frame DSLRs Below are the recommended telephone zoom lenses for Nikon full frame DSLRs. Tamron SP 70-200mm F/2.8 Di VC USD is the best choice, even better than AF-S 70-200mm f/2.8G II lens Lenses designed for their smaller sensors are lighter and less expensive than those designed for bigger, full-frame cameras. You can also connect full-frame lenses to Canon APS-C, Nikon DX, and Sony Alpha bodies, but when you take a picture, the camera will crop out a smaller section from the center of the lens image The Nikon DX format is an alternative name used by Nikon corporation for APS-C image sensor format being approximately 24x16 mm. Its dimensions are about 2 ⁄ 3 (29 mm vs 43 mm diagonal, approx.) those of the 35mm format.The format was created by Nikon for its digital SLR cameras, many of which are equipped with DX-sized sensors.DX format is very similar in size to sensors from Pentax, Sony. A 2012-model 24.2-megapixel camera with F-mount landing accepts a plethora of lenses with its full-frame viewing interface. Nikon D3200 lenses are the best preference to opt for when looking for a compatible lens on your camera

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Looking for the best lenses for Nikon Z5? Here are our top recommended Z-mount lenses for Nikon Z5 mirrorless camera.. Featuring most of the features from the Z6, as well as dual SD card slots in a lightweight magnesium-alloy body, the Nikon Z5 is a highly capable and the most affordable Z-mount full-frame mirrorless camera introduced by Nikon to date Such lenses usually project a smaller image circle than lenses that were designed for the full-frame 35 mm format. Nevertheless, the crop factor or FLM of a camera has the same effect on the relationship between field of view and focal length with these lenses as with any other lens, even though the projected image is not as severely cropped Considering that it only has two native zoom lenses for the Z50 so far (the DX 16-50mm f/3.5-6.3 and DX 50-250mm f/4.5-6.3) it also means that buyers can use full-frame Z mount lenses if they.

If you shoot with a full-frame camera, avoid lenses with the DX designation—it indicates that they only cover the smaller, APS-C sensor size—which is probably the sensor your camera uses if. Entry-level cameras like the D3500 and D5600 still work with full-frame lenses, and if you're into wildlife or sports photography, you may prefer pairing an FX telephoto lens with a DX body to. Nikon has introduced an entry-level, crop-sensor camera that uses the same Z-mount system as the company's Z6 and Z7 full-frame mirrorless cameras. The new Z50 costs $859 body only and can also.

Full-frame camera's uit de Z-serie corrigeren cameratrilling bij de beeldsensor wat leidt tot een krachtige vibratiereductie, zelfs bij NIKKOR-objectieven zonder VR. VR-beeldstabilisatie tot 5 stops De krachtige ingebouwde VR-beeldstabilisatie over 5 assen wordt toegepast op alle NIKKOR Z-objectieven Een full-frame camera heeft dus een kleinere scherptediepte, minder ruis, meer scherpte en maakt gebruik van het volledige bereik van objectieven. Dit laatste punt maakt eventuele lensfouten in een objectief eerder duidelijk. Daarbij is een full-frame camera (en de full-frame objectieven) duurder Does 35mm DX lens mounted on a APS-C camera would has same field of view as 35mm lens (made for full frame) mounted on a full frame camera. A DX sensor will have the same field of view through two lenses of the same focal length, regardless of whether the lens is DX or FX Full frame, crop sensor DX, APS-C, FX, full frame equivalent These are terms that get thrown around a lot when it comes to digital cameras and lenses. And rightfully, it can also be a source of confusion for novice or intermediate-level photographers who don't know what they mean or how it affects their photography Starting out with the full frame lens and crop bodies may not provide you with the sharpest images, and much nicer lenses will come out for that mount than, say, for Canon EF-S or Nikon DX shooters. For years before I upgraded to a full frame camera I didn't know I need to also multiply the aperture by the crop factor

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Because the image circle for a DX is smaller there exist DX lenses which doesn't have counterparts in FX lineup. Just two examples: the famous Sigma 18-35mm f/1.8 DC HSM (no Full Frame zoom with f/1.8 exist) the new super-super-zoom Tamron 16-300MM F/3.5-6.3 Di II VC PZD (an equivalent of approx. 25-456mm (!) on Full Frame) A 35mm lens on a Nikon crop frame camera has a very close angle of view (44 degrees diagonal) to a 50mm on a full frame camera (46 degrees diagonal). The only problem is that I have years of experience knowing what I'll see in the viewfinder of a FF camera with a 50 mm lens, and no memory what a 46 degree angle of view looks like

APS-C on the other hand, is roughly two thirds the size of a full frame sensor, resulting in the field of view being multiplied by a factor of 1.5-1.6x that of a standard full frame model. These sensors feature mostly in the lower tiered offerings by camera companies, with the chips being less expensive to produce I wish you would have pointed out that you used a 50mm full frame lens on a crop sensor to get that effect. So many, even seasoned photographers, get mixed up and confused as to how this works. Full frame lenses on a crop sensor are x 1.5/1.6. Lenses designed for crop sensors project a smaller image that fits the crop sensor dimension 02/04/2021 : Addition of the TTArtisans 11mm ED f/2.8 Fisheye Z, a brand new Fisheye lens for full frame Nikon Z camera. 03/08/2021 : Addition of the Laowa 65mm f/2.8 2X Macro, a brand new macro lens from Laowa for the Nikon Z50, the only current APS-C mirrorless Nikon camera DxOMark hasn't, at the time of writing, published lens test results using the full-frame Pentax K-1. However, it's clear that the Pentax 15-30mm f/2.8 and 24-70mm f/2.8 zooms are strongly related to Tamron designs that test very well on other full-frame cameras, so the omens are very good for these

Plus it offers coverage of the full-frame image-circle so you can keep this lens should you upgrade from a Nikon DX-body to an FX-body. Thus I can fully recommend this lens. Check prices on the Nikon 35mm f1.8G ED at Amazon, B&H, Adorama, or Wex. Alternatively get yourself a copy of my In Camera book or treat me to a coffee! Thanks FX, full frame, cameras have 36x24mm sensors. Full frame cameras are called that because FX sensors are the same size as 35mm film. Can you use a DX lens on an FX body? Yes. FX bodies have an option to crop to fit a DX image circle. Some cameras have the option to automatically crop when a DX lens is attached. Cropping reduces the number.

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Put this dx lens on a fx camera or 35mm film, and we may see vignetting or just lesser quality at the edges. These lesser quality outer areas are where the dx lens was not expected to perform since a dx sensor would never capture this area. And yes, if you crop later, it should work out the same as auto dx DX cameras: (APS-C, 1.5x crop factor) The ES-1 is designed for a full frame camera using the Nikon 55 mm f/2.8 macro lens. The problem is that for today's DX digital SLR with the 1.5x or 1.6x lens crop factor, the 35 mm slide is half again larger than the DX sensor I cannot stress this enough. I've seen photos shot using a Nikon D750 (one of my favorite full frame DSLRs) with the 18-55mm DX kit lens, and sometimes it looked no different to a shot with a D5500 We used the camera, with the 16-50mm, and 50-250mm DX lenses, and found the focus to be extremely rapid. Focus works down to -4 EV, with low-light AF, or -2 EV without Yes, the lenses are interchangeable, but there's a quality difference. An FX lens can be used on a DX format camera with full-frame view. A 24mm FX lens will create a 36mm view. Can you use a DX lens on an FX camera body? DX lenses can be used on an FX camera. The guideline is that generally a DX lens should be used with the DX format cameras

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Recommended portrait camera lens: Nikon 105mm f/1.4E ED AF-S Nikkor. It is primarily known for being the quickest 105mm lens with the 160mm field of view. The lens was produced specifically for full-frame portrait cameras from Nikon, but they may function great on Nikon DX cameras Z series mirrorless cameras are available in two image sensor sizes, FX and DX. Whatever your experience level, there's a Z series camera that's perfect for your workflow and desired applications. DX Mirrorless Overview. Large imaging sensor for outstanding image quality. Even lighter compact body and lenses When you're deciding which zoom lens to pick, first of all consider which type of camera you're shooting with. That is, whether it's got an APS-C sized sensor, such as the Nikon D500, or a full-frame sensor, such as the Nikon D810 or the Nikon D5.If you're using an APS-C sized sensor, you need to be aware of the crop factor. For Nikon cameras, that represents 1.5x the focal length.

The DX series lenses are designed with an image circle more appropriate to the smaller sensor size of the DX lineup of cameras, which today comprise the D3xxx, D5xxx, D7xxx, and D500 models. The advantage of a DX lens is that it can be smaller and lighter than a lens of similar specifications that needs to cover the full 35mm or FX frame Buying lenses for your camera isn't always simple. The two major manufacturers, Canon and Nikon, both have different options depending on whether you're getting a lens for a full-frame or crop sensor camera. Even if you've got a Canon camera, you can't be sure that any Canon lens will work Adorama Price: $1996.95. The Nikon 24mm f/1.4G is often labeled the best Nikon wide-angle lens for DSLR cameras, especially for prime lens shooters. While it's recommended for use with FX format or full-frame Nikon cameras, it works perfectly well with DX format Nikon cameras where the focal length is equivalent to 36mm The 50-250mm f/4.5-6.3 VR DX was the third surprise when it was announced with the Z50 camera. The Nikon Z Lens Road Map didn't mention any DX lenses at the time, probably to not give away the fact that Nikon would be using the Z mount for crop sensor mirrorless until the first DX camera was announced

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If your zoom lens for Nikon D500 is marked with the letters EF and there is no letter S on it, you can use it will both full-frame and crop-frame sensor models. When it comes to Nikon cameras, DX indicates that a lens can be used only with crop-frame DSLRs. FX lenses can be used with full-frame and crop-frame cameras alike Of course, there is no crop factor to consider when you select a lens, but the DX format lenses aren't really for use with full-frame cameras. They can be used, but the smaller projection of the lens means that your image will only appear on the centre portion of your sensor and will have to be heavily cropped to be made usable This illustration shows Nikon Z fc cameras with the Nikkor Z DX 16-50mm f/3.5-6.3 VR (left) and Z 28mm f/2.8 (SE) (right) lenses attached. (Source: Nikon.) Weighing approximately 390 grams, the Z fc camera features a compact body with a pentaprism design inspired by the iconic 1982 FM2 SLR film camera and a similar balance between the black and silver colour elements on the body Most are Nikon DX lenses, which produce a relatively small image circle to suit the APS-C format sensors of DX bodies, but this isn't always the case. Sometimes a full-frame compatible lens might be a better option. Read on to find out the best value choices for lenses that can make the most of all sorts of different photo opportunities Digital Camera HQ is reader-supported. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Nikon is undoubtedly ahead of its competitors when it comes to a general-purpose lens specially designed for reflex cameras. The company has been developing models with focal lengths ranging from 18mm to several hundred millimeters regularly. However, Read moreBest 18-140mm.

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Tamron Di lens designed for both full frame and APS-C sensor cameras. 42-450mm equivalent lens on Nikon DX format cameras (APS-C with 1.5x field of view multiplier), where the angle of view zooms from 75°23′ to 8°15′. Close focus 19 inches. Internal Focus (IF) Still frame recorded in movie mode with the Nikkor Z DX 16-50mm f/3.5-6.3 V lens; 16mm focal length, ISO 220, 1/100 second at f/8. The following video clips were all shot from the same position with the Nikkor Z DX 16-50mm f/3.5-6.3 V lens. Still frame from 3840 x 2160 (4K UHD) video clip recorded at 25p

Nikon D7000 Goes Globetrotting - What Digital CameraVenus Optics announced new 60mm f/210 Great Canon EF-S (APS-C) Lenses | Switchback TravelNikon 50mm f/1

The LA-EA4 A-Mount to E-Mount Lens Adapter from Sony enables you to attach virtually any A-mount lens to an Alpha E-mount full-frame digital camera body. Teleconverters and Minolta XI lenses are not compatible. The adapter features a built-in AF motor, aperture-drive mechanism and Translucent Mirror Technology to enable full-time, continuous, TTL phase-detection autofocus Lens Nikon APS-C digital SLR cameras (DX format) Cameras with a built-in autofocus motor Models: D7500, D7200, D7100, D7000 Sony 35mm full-frame Single Lens Translucent cameras Models :α99 II,. Crop Sensor (APS-C) Cameras and Lens Confusion Despite the fact that so called crop sensor digital SLRs have been with us since 1999 (the Nikon D1, with the Canon 30D following in 2000), there's still a huge amount of confusion out there about exactly what a crop sensor camera is and what effect is of using a lens with a crop sensor camera rather than a full frame camera The DX lens is lower quality so lower price but know this up front it is not intended for full frame camera use. It will fit, but you won't be happy. Spend the extra few dollars so you wont be dissapointed and get one of the bundles with the full frame lens (Anything NOT marked DX) If a DX-format lens and an FX-format lens each offer the full-frame equivalent of a 90mm focal length, you'll know that when looking through either of them on their respective cameras your view. Since you probably don't have a 33mm lens, using a 35mm prime lens on a DX format Nikon camera like the D500 will give you roughly the same field of view as a 50mm on your Full Frame Nikon D810. If you want to go the other direction, and see what focal length you need on your Nikon D810 to give you the same field of when you use your Nikon 24mm f1.4 on your Nikon D500, just multiply 24mm x 1.

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