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A Blue Smoke Maine Coon looks like a solid blue cat when it is not in motion. On closer inspection or when it moves, you can its coat is white at the roots and blue at the tips. It has grey points and a grey mask on its face. It also has a white ruff and ear tufts. 3. Blue Tabb Blue Smoke Maine Coon Cats: These majestic looking Maine Coon cats have grey color on the tip of the fur and white beneath it. You can see the white color when they are moving slowly. The flowy nature of their fur gives them an exquisite look. The face of blue smoke Maine Coon cat has grey points and white ruff on its neck The Maine Coon is a cat breed that's available in a wide range of different colors.. That's due to natural and breeder-conducted crossbreeding. The smoke-colored Maine-based breed is available in patterns like tabby and tortie and is amazingly eye-catching compared to other colors like orange, silver, blue, and white.. The Smokey Color In Maine Coons 14 aanbiedingen in juli - Koop en verkoop blue smoke maine coon eenvoudig op Marktplaats Lokale aanbiedingen - Ga ervoor 20 aanbiedingen in juli - Koop en verkoop maine coon blue smoke eenvoudig op Marktplaats Lokale aanbiedingen - Ga ervoor

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The smoke Maine Coon is a result of banding on a cat's fur, which gives it a smoky appearance. The tips of the cat's fur is dark, often black, but the shaft is paler in color. While the most common color of a smoked Maine Coon is black, they can come in a variety of colors, including cream, blue, and red, among others Mys is een Black Tortie Tabby Silver Blotched Maine Coon poes. . Uit deze combinatie verwachten we: Black & Bleu Smoke en Black, Blue & Red Silver Tabby katers. Black & Bleu Smoke en Black, Blue Tortie Silver Tabby poezen. (Zonen krijgen meestal de kleur van de moeder en dochters krijgen de kleur van beide ouders Superlieve Blue smoke Maine Coon kater zoekt date. € 150,00. 595 31 sinds 6 jul. '21, 13:46. Deel via. of. Kopieer link. Kenmerken. Leeftijd 3 tot 5 jaar. Beschrijving. Vind je t leuk om prachtige kittens te krijgen van onze kater neem dan gerust contact op Maine Coon, blue smoke: Langstteich's S' Slow Fox October 16 2008 Maine Coon, cream: SalexCoon Colombina PP Maine Coon, Ch Salexcoon Xochipili Maine Coon, Red smoke with white Title: Grand Champion: Salexcoon Xander P.P. July 07 2010 Maine Coon, Top Coon Ulka February 23 2008 Maine Coon, Bisquite Irbi The Maine Coon is known as a gentle giant, and they are ranked as of above average intelligence compared to most other cat breeds. They are independent and love to spend time out of doors, meaning that they do not need constant companionship and supervision, but they are loyal and loving with their families and are good company for people of all ages

Blue Smoke Maine Coon. Share. Tweet. Pin it. £1,000. 3 hours ago; For Sale; Cats; Maine Coon; Swindon . Contact the Seller. Anna G. Private Seller. Swindon, Wiltshire. Member since Jul 2021 07391097XXX Reveal Send message. Save. Report. Safety Notice from Pets4Homes - NEVER send money for a deposit or pay for a pet online, unless using our. Mijn naam is Carolina, ben in 2007 gevallen voor een Maine Coon poes en sinds 2010 een occasionele fokker van Maine Coons. Deze tinten kunnen Solid Blue, Blue Smoke, Blue Tabby, Blue Silver Tabby, Blue tortie, Blue Silver Tortie, Blue Tabby Tortie of Blue Silver Tabby Tortie zijn

A smoke Maine Coon is a cat with different color banding on each of its hair shafts. The roots are always paler than the tips giving the cat's coat a smoky appearance. Black smoke Maine Coons are the most popular but there are many other variations involving the colors black, blue, red, cream and white. The paler tips of the smoke Maine Coon. Blue Churro is a blue tabby Maine Coon Kitten. This is a top quality pairing that we are eager to watch grow. Each kitten is perfection. The ear tips are so thick and fabulous. Muzzle are to strong and sturdy. Just wow all the way around. The proud parents of this Maine Coon Kitten are Mufasa x Lottie (CFA registered) About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators. We will be offering our clients blue/black smokes, blue/black solids, brown/silver/blue/red tabby with European quality. Our cattery will give our clients the opportunity to have a European Maine Coon without having to import them. Our Maine Coons are genetically tested for health and color. CONTACT US. Email: americanmohavebobs@gmail.com GALLERY OF MAINE COON PATTERNS & COLOURS. For a full list of colour reference numbers, click here (PDF document) Here we have a some of them to show you. SOLID SERIES. Black Smoke : Black Smoke & White : Blue SMOKES - Black Smoke, Blue Smoke, Red Smoke, Cream Smoke,.

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Maine Coon, Blue Smoke (as). CH White Rock's Tecuma. Maine Coon Katten Salsa Katje Afdrukbaarheden Rook Blauw. Cattery Ursinae. cattery ursinae, maine coon cattery. Katten En Kittens Gekke Katten Noorse Boskat Anubis Huisdieren Schattig Katten. About Us - Mainecoons.org.uk 1. trägt der Kater Verdünnung: blue-tabby Kater und blue-tabby Mädchen. blue-silver-tabby Kater, blue-silver-tabby Mädchen. 2. trägt der Kater Nonagouti: schwarze Kater und schwarze Mädchen. black-smoke Kater, black-smoke Mädchen. 3. trägt der Kater Nonagouti und Verdünnung: blaue Kater und blaue Mädchen

Maine Coon - Vrouwtje - 14-07-2016 - Blue Smoke. Ras Maine Coon Geslacht Vrouwtje Meer informatie Blue Tortie Agouti Tabby Whit blue smoke male geb. 06/01/2013www.elcontra-mainecoon.co

Maine coon kittens. Onze maine coon kittens zijn klaar om te verhuizen. Conor is een red smoke maine coon katertje, naarmate zijn vacht langer wordt z. € 975,00 Vandaag. Capelle aan den IJssel Vandaag blue smoke male , geb.06/01/2013 www.elcontra-mainecoon.co This is Foxhilltigers Milky way blue (smoke) Maine Coon. They are a Maine Coon breeder in Germany (link to their website).He is a great looking cat and it is nice to have the coat type from the person who created the cat BLUE SMOKE: white undercoat, deeply tipped with blue. Cat in repose appears blue. In motion the white undercoat is clearly apparent. Points and mask blue with narrow band of white hairs next to skin which may be seen only when fur is parted. Calico Smoke, Dilute Calico Smoke) 1774: 1774: OMCC (Other Maine Coon Colors).

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This Maine Coon has shades of silver and blue along with the cream which is rather stunning. 7. Red. Some say the red Maine Coons are the most strikingly beautiful. Their orange (ginger, if you prefer) hue gives them a look that stands out, especially with their longish hair. Red or orange is the most famous color for Maine Coon cats Maine coon cattery KyJaDy, Angela Wisselo, Kruisstraat 12, 5525AX Duizel, 0497-515081, info@kyjady.n - black smoke et blanc.voir TALISMANE - blue silver blotched tabby et blanc voir N IRIEL A savoir : le BLANC n'est pas une couleur mais un masque, le maine coon peut avoir quelques taches blanches sur les pieds notamment, ou avoir du blanc envahissant comme DIAMOND, ou être entièrement blanc et cacher sa couleur Welcome! We are a TICA Certified 'Cattery of Excellence' based out of our two cattery's located in Lake Livingston Texas and Northern Colorado who specialize in the Giant European Maine Coon. We look forward to helping match you with the cat of your dreams! About Us Smoke Maine Coon coat colors A smoke-colored Maine Coon cat looks like it has fur of just one color on the surface but at the roots, its hair is much lighter than the at the tips. Here is the range of smoke colors available: Black smoke; Blue smoke; Red smoke; Cream smoke; Tortie smoke; Blue Tortie smoke; Tabby Maine Coon coat colors A tabby.

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  1. Rock Hill Maine Coons Micaiah. Blue Smoke Polydactyl. Elisha. Rock Hill Maine Coon's Elisha. Black Silver Classic Tabby. Angel. Mazurka Angel of Rock Hill Maine Coon's . White. Aslan. Rock Hill Maine Coon's Aslan. Black Brown Mackerel Tabby ~ Polydactyl. Meet our handsome boys ~ Blue Rock, Kellen, Ashton, Micaiah, Elisha, Angel & Aslan
  2. kleur: Blue white (as 09) Moeder: Stella Del Mattino`s Pippi Langkous (F4) kleur: Blue smoke (as) Fotopagina van het nestje: D nestje Thema: Druivensoorten nestje Geboren: 24-07-2020 Vader: Ch. Allegiancelove Patron kleur: cream tabby with white (e 03 22) Moeder: Stella Del Mattino`s Skyline kleur: black tortie smoke (fs) Fotopagina van het.
  3. Silver Maine Coons are the same size as other Maine Coons. That is, much larger than your normal cat. Males are about 18 - 25 pounds and females 10-17 pounds, on average. I've seen females that are larger than males, so it's not a hard and fast rule. Because of their size, always get a large enough litter box for them
  4. Maine Coon Kittens, Maine Coon cats, Avistacats Maine coon beautys, Maine Coon kittens for sale, Maine Coon kittens San diego, Blue Solid Black Solid Blue Smoke (soild) Brown Classic boy . Red / Silver Cameo Boy Shaded Silver girl . Dark Cold Brown Classic girl . Silver Mackerel /Light girl
  5. Nicht alle Maine Coon Farben sehen von Geburt bis ins Erwachsenenalter gleich aus, einige Farben machen eine ziemlich wechselnde Entwicklung durch, daher wollen wir hier mal die Farben bei Maine Coon Kitten in verschiedenen Altersstufen zeigen. black ( +white ), black tabby ( +white ), black smoke ( +white ), black silver tabby ( +white.

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  1. Maine Coon, blue smoke: Langstteich's S' Slow Fox October 16 2008 Maine Coon, cream: SalexCoon Colombina PP Maine Coon, Ch Salexcoon Xochipili Maine Coon, Red smoke with white Title: Grand Champion: Salexcoon Xander P.P. July 07 2010 Maine Coon, Top Coon Ulka February 23 2008 Maine Coon, Bisquite Irbi
  2. Shaded Color Maine Coon Cats have 33% or 1/3 of the hair ends are colored. This is the second to lightest degree of tipping within the Maine Coon Breed. In other breeds such cats maybe refereed to as Shaded or Chinchilla Lesser degree of wide-band than a shell and more than a smoke. Shell color cats have 12% or 1/8 of.
  3. About us. Welcome to our Cattery. Here, We specialize in producing classic tabby colors: black silver, blue silver, red silver, brown, blue, red, cream and torbies (patch tabbies - all with & without white). In addition, an occasional solid color (black) or more rarely a shaded/smoke color is available. (Especially-black smoke and black smoke.
  4. Maine Coon, blue smoke white: Deneuve Catherine SavageCoon*RU Maine Coon, blue cl. tabby: Tojo Polaris Ulric Herkenhoff, N Maine Coon, blue white: Alwaro Suri Maine Coon, black cl. tabby Title: CH: Pillowtalk's Jamaica (retired) April 08 2010 Maine Coon, Treasure Island's Ice-Man September 07 200
  5. Smoke-colored Maine Coons look as if their fur is only of just one color on the surface. However, if you check the roots, the hair is much lighter compared to the tips. The range of smoke colors includes black smoke, red smoke, blue smoke, tortie smoke, cream smoke and blue tortie smoke
  6. Blue smoke Maine coon kitten. Surrey, South East. £900 . She is female kitten 14 weeks old Very sweet and loving Vet checked jabs and flea and worm free. preloved.co.uk . Report. 4 days ago. Pure bread maine coon kittens . Warrington, Warrington. £1,25
  7. Do you own a Maine coon cat & looking for some inspiration of popular name? We have compiled a huge database of best and most popular maine coon cat names of this year. Regard of the gender, male or female, I am sure we have gathered enough for everyone. But first, here are some of the-Most popular maine coon cat names of 2021: Corduroy; Samson.

Wil je een Maine Coon kitten kopen? Dan ben je hier aan het juiste adres. Dit kattenras is één van de grootste gedomesticeerde dieren. Ze komen groots over maar zijn eigenlijk rustig en stabiel. De grote kat heeft halflangharige vacht met een grote kraag die de gehele nek behaart. Zeker op latere leeftijd kan dit een imposant voorkomen. Blue smoke maine coon cat. Nevertheless, this likeness in terms of physical look does not mean that there had been a mating between a raccoon and a cat. Dark cold brown classic girl. She has never been without a maine coon to snuggle. The blue maine coon looks imperial and magnificent, warm and friendly Maine Coon Cattery. Home. De Maine Coon. Katers. Poezen. Youngsters. Kastraten. Planning. Kittens. Herplaatsers. Webstore. Meer... Planning . 2021. Sybo's O Sole Mio. X'Silver Moon Van Carolina's Kattenkribbe & Vrije plaatsen op de wachtlijst van deze combinatie. VOLZET. Blue Smoke white. Blue (Solid).

Smoke Maine Coons have a solid coloring e.g. black, blue, white, red, or cream, yet differ from solid Maine Coons because their coloring fades on their undercoat, and sometimes chest. Many smoke-colored Maine Coon cats have a silvery-colored undercoat Maine Coon - Vrouwtje - 09-06-2016 - Black Solid. Ras Maine Coon Geslacht Vrouwtje Meer informatie Blue Tortie Silver Blotched Tabb

Black Smoke Maine Coon prices depend on the cattery. In general, proper catteries charge at least $1000 - $1200 for a purebred kitten. Black smoke, blue smoke, or silver cat may cost more because of demand and how much rarer those coats are Our Maine Coon kittens for sale come in various colors and patterns. Apart from the usual brown tabby, Maine Coon kittens can actually have as many as 75 color combinations and two tabby patterns. They can be in solid colors of black, white, and red; and bi-colors such as blue and white, and red and white

Vele mensen hadden me dan ook verwittigd, eens je een Maine Coon in huis neemt, heb je het coonvirus te pakken. Niets is minder waar!! In het eerste nestje van Lola werden 8 poesjes en 1 kater geboren waarvan 2 blue smoke poesjes en de overige 7 zijn black smoke die farben der maine coon. Grundfarben ohne Zeichnung non agouti = keine Wildfärbung = solid: black. blue (Verdünnung zu black) red (auch bei solid immer mit Zeichnung - Geisterzeichnung genannt) crème (Verdünnung zu red) white. Tabelle 1 Grundfarben. black

Prachtige Maine Coon dekkater (blue smoke) Onze lieve en prachtige kater (bue smoke) heeft een eigen verblijf met een grote buitenren om een poes te kunnen ontvangen. Verder leeft hij gewoon bij ons binnen met de poezen. Hij sproeit nooit gelukkig. Hij heeft een mooie stamboom On this home page mainecooncats you find the maine coons of our cattery of mistery angel. We have from time to time kittens available in several colours also white

MAINE COON KITTENS FOR SALE IN ALABAMA AND FLORIDA Blue Smoke with White. FB_IMG_1600265337222. FB_IMG_1600265337222. 1/1. Pearl Silver Patched Tabby. Blue Cupcake is a blue tabby Maine Coon Kitten. This is a top quality pairing that we are eager to watch grow. Each kitten is perfection. The ear tips are so thick and fabulous. Muzzle are to strong and sturdy. Just wow all the way around. The proud parents of this Maine Coon Kitten are Mufasa x Lottie (CFA registered) 2. Smoke Maine Coon Cats are fascinated with water. While most cats run from water, the Smoke Maine Coon cat enjoys being around water and likes to play in it. You can often find them in the shower after you leave, and they may even choose to get in with you for a short time. 3. The Maine Coon is the largest cat breed in the world All Maine Coon kitten color combinations from Queen Leoland Urmala of Warrior Kattz are possible with or without white. Possible kitten colors for girl & boy Maine Coons Possible Maine Coon kitten colors are black smoke, black tabby, black silver tabby, blue, blue smoke, blue tabby & blue silver tabby

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Also read our Maine Coon Cat breed information profile. Confirm that the advertiser is genuine You should verify this by arranging to visit the cat or kitten at the advertisers home, if they make excuses or try to ask for money or a deposit without seeing the cat, or if the advertiser attempts to deliver the kittens or meet you at any other location than their own home, then please do not. Blue Torbie/Patched Classic Tabby: Blue Torbie/Patched Mackerel Tabby . Blue Torbie/Patched Classic Tabby with White . Blue Black Smoke and White . Black Smoke . Shell Silver . Tortoiseshell . Tortoiseshell and White: Calico Van . Smoke Tortoiseshell . Smoke. The true history of the Maine Coon is hidden by myth, folklore, and legend. No one knows how they made it over to the Americas. However, the generally accepted belief among breeders is that the Maine Coon is a descendant of simple local short-haired domestic cats and local long-haired breeds brought overseas by English seafarers or even 11th century Norsemen

Majestic Luv Maine Coon Cattery. June 25 at 12:44 PM ·. AVAILABLE: Blue Smoke Tortie Female from Penelope/Quincy litter. . Serious inquiries please send private message for more information on her. . +3 Nov 23, 2016 - These Blue Smoke Maine Coon or Norwegian Forest Cats are gorgeous !. See more ideas about norwegian forest cat, maine coon, cats We will be reaching out next week to those on our list regarding these kittens. This litter has a black smoke male, black females, blue smoke males and solid blue male. #mainecoonkittens #brushykreekcoons #mainecooncapers #mainecoonkittenforsale #mainecoonlife. Rosso and Winslow are becoming great friends Yesterday · · #blacksmokemainecoon #bluesmokemainecoon #silvershadedmainecoon #mainecooncats #mainecoonofinstagram #gentlegiants #beautifulcats #catsofinstagram #mainecoonworld #mainecoon #mainecoonofig #mainecoonlove #mainecoonkitten #catsofig #europeanmainecoon #cats #cat #catloversclub #mainecoonrules #kitten @mainecooncat_lovers @maine_coon_tycoon @catloversclub @mainecoonofworld. To see more photos of Illuminati, our black smoke Maine Coon, along with his DNA test results visit our Male Maine Coon page.. If you LOVE Illuminati and are interested in one of his Maine Coon Kitten offspring, then check our Maine Coon Kittens for Sale or get on our Kitten Announcement list.. Black Smoke Maine Coon Kitte

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Maine coon cattery Clofurs. Maine coon cattery Clofurs. Home ; Over ons ; Foto album ; Poezen . Hillibilly's Bubblegum ; Pepita ; Katers . Clofurs Rian ; Toruk Makto Newt Scamander ; Castraten ; Kittens ; Vorige nestjes blue smoke white blue tabb 2-aug-2014 - #MaineCoon #Blue #Solid #White #Cats. Bekijk meer ideeën over katten, mooie katten, dieren Blue Smoke Boy Main Coon Cat.These majestic looking maine coon cats have grey color on the tip of the fur and white beneath it. This beautiful special breeding silver tabby boy has been reserved, he wasn't available long Blue Maine Coon Kitten. If you are not yet convinced whether the blue Maine Coon is for you, take a look at these adorable blue Maine Coon kittens playing together. Their fun-loving nature makes them a joy to watch. They look grey, with a heavy blue tinge of color Maine Coon, blue smoke: H.T.Exclusiv Atlantica Maine Coon, blue cream smoke: Langstteich's Day-Dream December 05 2009 Maine Coon, brown patched cl.tabby white: Justcoons Keep Smiling May 08 2007 Maine Coon, cream white: Langstteich's M' Deja-vue October 17 2000 Maine Coon, brown mackerel tabby white: Alwaro Athena November 12 2010 Maine Coon.

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My Maine Coons are 100% European Lines, all imported from overseas. They have big heads and long bodies. My Maine Coons are TICA registered and kittens come with a TICA pet-registration. My cattery is also registered with TICA (Riggs Maine Coon) Maine Coon Kittens. Kitten. Advertentie tekst Deze 5 lieverdjes zijn op zoek naar een gouden mandje :Zambo, Black Silver Tabby White Blotchted kater: beschikbaarCharl. Maine Coon. Gelderland. € 1.000,00. Catterynaam: Giganticoon. Bekijk details Welkom op de website van Maine Coon Cattery Of Coons Heaven. In 2014 bezochten we een kattenshow en werden we verliefd op dit mooie kattenras. Niet veel later mochten we onze eerste Maine Coon in ons gezin verwelkomen: Indivar, een Black Smoke kater (kastraat). In 2015 volgde onze poes Joy, een Black Silver Tabby Onze lieve Ziggy heeft momenteel geen poezen hier waar hij mee kan daten en wilt graag een date met een lieve poes Hij Maine Coon Kittens Cats And Kittens Crazy Cat Lady Crazy Cats Norwegian Forest Cat Gentle Giant Cat Breeds I Love Cats Pets. #MaineCoon #Blue #Smoke #Cats White Rocks Heart of Stone. Maine Coon, Blue Solid (a). Coonattack Cross the Water. Selkirk Rex Norwegian Forest Cat Russian Blue Cattery Maine Coon Cats Blue Cats Pretty Cats Cat Breeds Cool.

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Name: Jan Romanoff Hause Breed: Maine Coon Sex: Male Birthdate: 10.16.2020 Champion Bloodlines: Yes Pedigree: Optional (ask for price) Registered: Yes Breeding: Conditional Quality: Show Quality Color: Blue Smoke color Price: $2,200.00 Available for pick up/delivery Welkom bij Maine Coon Cattery Sugarcoons. Nederland, Hank / Noord Brabant, Lid van NRKV en RMC. Cattery Sugarcoons. Welkom op onze site! Wij hebben kittens! Alle Kittens zijn gereserveerd. Neemt U later nog eens een kijkje op onze site! Een enkele kat in huis maakt het thuiskomen tot thuis zijn (Pain Brown

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Maine Coon Colors and Patterns. It's not always easy to determine a Maine Coons Pattern or Colors. There is more to it than just calling brown kitten a brown classic. If you are looking for information to determine your cats color or markings we can help. Maine Coons come in a wide variety of Colors: Solid: Black; Blue; Cream; Whit The latest addition to our Maine Coon family has mainly cream fur. His name is Oscar and his official color is red smoke. Cream is just one of the colors that Maine Coon cats wear with pride and as you will see, there is an amazing array of cream coat variations Maine Coon, Maine Coon Kitten, Kitten, Diamond's, Maine Coon Katze, Maine Coon Kater, Kater, Maine Coon Katze black smoke 6.8kg Zur Fotogalerie. Stammbaum Maine Coon Katze blue smoke Im Wachstum Zur Fotogalerie. Stammbaum. Impressum.

4. Mary A. has reserved a blue smoke female. 5. Steve and Jody M. have reserved a male of no particular color. 6. Michelle A. has reserved a male blue smoke. 7. Sheila R. has reserved a male black smoke. 8 Jen and Darin T. have reserved a male silver, blue or classic brown marble tabby. 9. Derek D. has reserved a male of no particular color. 10 Maine Coon, Blue Solid (a). RELAXING TIGERS Hella *(D . See more ideas about norwegian forest cat, maine coon, cats. Blue smoke maine coon cat.The 'blue maine coon' is an official solid color class given to maine coon cats with blue colored fur, by the cat fanciers association Maine Coons are produced in many wonderful colors and patterns. Some breeders specialize in certain colors, while others offer a rainbow of variety. Sassy Koonz does have a preference for traditional colors as well as bi-colors. This would include any color/patter with black or red, blue, or solid white Maine Coon, brown cl.tabby white: Pillowtalk's Velvet February 12 2003 Maine Coon, blue cl. torbie: Alwaro Athena November 12 2010 Maine Coon, Title: International Crand Champion WCF: Mainefield's Van Halen August 19 2009 Maine Coon, red silver cl. tabby: Mainefield's Howling Wolf July 07 2008 Maine Coon, black smoke: Summerplace Avalon Maine.

Mainecoon Deckkater Champion ( blue - smoke -white) Ingolstadt, Oberbayern. € 450. Maine Coon erwachsen Der Kater lebt bei meinen Neffen und seiner lieben Familie und er steht gesunden Mainecoon Katzendamen zur Verfügung Our Maine Coon kittens are from our direct imported 100% European parents and display known superior European lineage qualities; exceptional XL size, wonderful personalities and antics! We are complimented continuously on our large, healthy, friendly, social cats as well as smoke colored kittens you will have a hard time finding elsewhere in the USA Empower the Spor Maine Coon XXL Deckkater blue smoke mit Stammbaum. 150,- € Verhandlungsbasis Bitte anrufen oder per WhatsApp. Unser xxl Maine Coon Kater Poldi mit Stammbaum steht gesunden Kätzinnen für schöne Stunden zur Verfügung. Poldi ist ein Kater mit einem ganz lieben Wesen. Poldi darf. Black Smoke and Blue kittens available #mainecoon. Black Smoke and Blue kittens available #mainecoon. Jump to. Sections of this page. Accessibility Help. Press alt + / to open this menu. Facebook. Email or Phone: Password: Forgot account? Sign Up. King Maine Coon Cattery

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maine coon kittens. maine coon kittens black smoke girl april 20th, 2021 ***available*** miss. cirrostratus blue silver girl. hrh lolo x hrh azlan litter of clouds blue silver girl april 20th, 2021 ***reserved*** mr. stratus black silver boy # 1. hrh lolo x hrh azla Cat in repose appears blue Maine Coon, blue smoke: Langstteich's S' Slow Fox October 16 2008 Maine Coon, cream: Maine Coon сattery DreamCoon. USDA APHIS licensed cattery. Elena Mikirticheva Support us here: if you like our cats E-mail: dreamcoon@yandex.co Most Maine Coons are tabbies so any of the solid coats (which include white, black, blue, red, and cream) are fairly rare as most of these will have some hint of shading or pattern if you look closely. Many Maine Coons have a certain amount of white fur and all smoke Maine Coons have fur with white roots

Bitte bei Interesse vollständigen Text lesen. Ein Mädchen in blue smoke sucht nun doch ein...,Blue smoke Maine Coon Girl, 24 Wo. Mit Stammbaum in Mönchengladbach - Mönchengladbac Black Maine Coon cats have a dominant black-fur gene along with traits of purebred Maine Coons. They have all black fur, or black and smoke color combinations with gold eyes. Black Maine Coon cats are rare compared to other coat colors and patterns. The cost of a Black Maine Coon is between $1000 - $2500 for kittens and adults Beautiful healthy blue eyes half Maine Coon kitten looking for loving forever home! I have available three three quarter Maine Coon kittens Dad is pure Black Smoke and Mum is half Maine Coon her mother is pure Maine Coon Black. Two tabby boys and one tabby and white girl. Ready to go 15th August.

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This is a beautiful female black smoke Maine Coon kitten made in Russia. She's gorgeous with a hint of a human face. A very classy-looking Maine Coon. I am completely taken with this cat. If I was in a position to adopt her I think I would. Here are the details: Breeder: Sophia Dobrynina. Type: Black smoke treasure Blue smoke Junge Maine Coon XXL ! Wir haben Blue smoke kater - 5 monate . Super Typ ,lange pinsel - für Zucht oder für Liebhaber ! Sehr gut sozialisiert , super Charakter !Eltern haben test HCM n/n ,SMA -n ,PKD -n .EU Impfpass und Chip , 3 mal entwurmt ,2 mal geimpft .Perfect Stammbaum !Eltern. blue smoke maine coon kitten for sale. February 18, 2021. blue smoke maine coon kitten for sale. February 18, 202 Little Luna is black smoke and white adorable girl. She is ready for her for ever home, she has her 2 nd vaccination on Thursday. She is up to date with flea and worm treatments and has been microchipped. Dad is stunning black smoke Maine coon. mum is stunning Russian blue. Both have fantastic loving natures. She is black smoke and white.

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White Maine Coon. It is hard not to love white cats. They have a regal air and elegance around them that command attention. White Maine Coons in particular are popular not only for their luxurious coats but for their affectionate and sweet nature. A big bonus if they have odd-eyes, where one eye is blue and the other is either green, yellow or.

Photo de chat de race Maine coon, Liza Bleue Smoke TortieWANTED Blue or Black Maine Coon Wanted in WinchesterMaine Coon Cat Pictures and Information - Cat-BreedsBig Hannibals V' Barbarino